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ALL IS WELL CARE SERVICES, LLC is endowed with experts and care specialists who each has over three decades of Home Health Care and Home Care experience. We are a new company and with the ninety (90) years of combined experience of our team of nursing professionals, we exist to provide the highest quality Healthcare and Home Care Services. We consistently aim to enhance and improve our client’s daily quality of life. It is our mission and intent to ensure that each patient’s needs are first and foremost. Our dedication and amalgamated approach to care, allots our patients and their loved ones increased quality time together.​​

Providing You with Home Health Care and Home Care at home and away from home.


All Is Well Care Services, provides care to various populations including:

  • Pediatric Care

  • Adult Care

  • Geriatric Care / Memory Care

  • Behavioral Health / Developmental Disabilities


All Is Well Care Services, provides a host of services to include:  


  • Skilled Nursing Care (Home Health Care)

  • Non-Skilled Nursing Care (Personal Care Assistant, Companion / Sitter) 

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Margaret Lesia Wells, RN, was truly GOD send to me and my family. Her voice was like velvet, her touch was caring and her expertise guided us through our family’s toughest times. Thank you so much for educating me and my family. We are truly grateful for your care, it allowed us to keep our loved one home. I highly recommend AIWCS.

                                                            - Eleise Edwards

Margaret Lesia Wells, has been my son’s Home Health Nurse for the past 7 years. He requires very attentive, skilled care because he has a tracheostomy and a feeding tube. Lesia provides excellent care. She is patient with him and knows how to communicate with him. When I take my vacation I feel very comfortable knowing she is there to oversee the care of my son. She is such a people person. She has come to know all of my family members and treats everyone with love, kindness and respect. She is also concerned about my mental and physical health. She is truly always a happy person, there’s never a down day. She is really appreciated and loved by my entire family.

She is the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time).

                                                                  - Estella Sims

I commend Margaret Lesia Wells, my Home Health Nurse. She is so attentive, caring and uplifting. It's a sense of relief when you're going through traumatic health experiences, to have a caring nurse who assists you, checks on you and keeps you informed through it all. Ms. Wells, has provided care along with knowledge. She had made my post hospital condition a lot easier to deal with on a daily basis. Sometimes, the doctors only give you a checkup and an overview of your condition. It's good to have a nurse like Ms. Wells, to spend time with you and give exact details about the things you're unfamiliar with. She's been a true blessing in my life and I'm so happy she is my Home Health Visiting Nurse. I would refer her to anyone. The recovery process seems much faster, with caring people such as herself.

                                                                - Damion Wells

Ms. Margaret Lesia Wells, is a compassionate and understanding RN. Her work ethics are top of the line. She's always in a pleasant mood, respectful, thorough, and polite. She provides the support and knowledge that is needed for families seeking Nursing, support and care services.

                                                       - Client from Lithonia

Carlos Wells, LPN, came to us as a nurse for my brother Joe, who was battling ALS. Joe was a quadriplegic, who was on a respirator and also had a feeding tube. Joe was unable to speak as a result of the disease process, which made understanding his wishes somewhat challenging at times. Our entire family was on board with his care, but there were many aspects that were "beyond" us, so we decided we needed to bring in professional help .

Carlos, interviewed for the position on Thanksgiving Day. While most people were home enjoying time off with their families, Carlos was here with us, trying to help our family. He was an instant fit and the best decision we could have ever made, for Joe and for us all! Carlos is a caring, compassionate and conscientious person. He is extremely knowledgeable in various areas of health and well being. He not only took care of our brother, he shared his vast knowledge on various health and wellness topics with my entire family. Without realizing, he took care of the rest of us as well! 

Carlos became an honorary family member and remained with us until our brother's journey was over. His care and compassion carried us through one of the most difficult times in our lives, and for that alone, we are forever grateful. The lessons he taught us all along the way are priceless, and they're a testament to the man Carlos Wells truly is.

             - Sisters - Nancy Sweeny & Lee Ann Pietroricca

I have known Carlos Wells for many years. He was recommended as a caregiver for my son Justin, who was diagnosed with Anoxic Encephalopathy (Traumatic Brain Injury). I am truly grateful that he came into my son’s life. He is a true professional and he's extremely knowledgeable about the field of Nursing and Homecare. Mr. Wells, manages the staff at a nursing home, as well as, cares for my son at my home. He is well spoken and intelligent. He knows how to communicate with the medical professionals to ensure the patient has everything that is needed, to be cared for in their own home. I am confident, that every patient in need of services will be truly happy, that Mr. Wells is managing their case.
                                                         - Mom Bonni Hipp

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